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Shipborne turret| Airborne pod| Coastal defense| Electro Optical Tracking Forensics System
  • HG-OT-385 Electro Optical Tracking System

    HG-OT-385 electro optical tracking system(EOTS) is an important part of ship fire control weapon system. It uses electro-optical sensors such as infrared thermal camera, daylight camera and laser range finder to detect, search and track targets,measure target distance and send accurate target position information to the control system. It features strong anti-interference and all-weather combat abilities.

  • HG-OT-3112 multi-channel electro-optical tracking system

    HG-OT-3112 multi-channel electro-optical tracking system is mainly composed of electro-optical tracking systemm and display console. Mainly used for search and tracking air targets such as drones,fighters and other air targets and outputting the three-dimensional coordinates and speed of the target, while providing true north information for other systems.

  • HG-OT-3F Electro Optical Tracking System (EOTS)

    HG-OT-3F electro optical tracking system (EOTS) adopt infrared thermal camera, daylight camera and laser rangefinder (MMW rangefinder is optional)  as the main detection method. It uses multi-sensor complementary method to achieve target tracking under complex meteorological conditions. It can independently search or receive the target information from other detection devices to capture&tracking target, output the target distance, the sloping angle and the elevation angle information in real time.

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